Cakey in your 30's?

I take that title back, this is for you too… in your 20’s.

If you look in the mirror (yes take a break and look right now) and you can see any kind of makeup on your skin- it looks powdery, it looks beaded up in your pores, its settling into your every-so-slight forehead lines; this article will be time well invested.

Makeup is not meant to make you look worse; all the the above described is worse than your natural face. Yes, yes I hear your inner voice saying but if you saw the patchiness this makeup is covering up…. ok well maybe. But why not look your absolute best if you’re going to take the effort to put foundation on?

Here’s a couple steps to make sure you will get your best looking skin:

  1. Foundation Color

    NEWSFLASH your face has many tones. Your foundation should be slightly darker than your lightest part of the skin. So choose for your deeper part and it will look like you got a little bit of color.
    Ever walk past a woman with a full face of makeup only to KNOW its a full face of makeup? Its slightly lighter than her body and looks… well… done. Nobody wants that.

  2. Exfoliate

    I will preach this until the end. If you can’t buy an exfoliator simply mix sugar with some olive oil and use circular motions across your damp skin.

  3. Finger or wet sponge

    Yep, it’s the end of the foundation brush. Squeeze a bit of your foundation onto your fingers, dampen a sponge, and after you cover your skin simply pat with the damp sponge. Viola- perfect skin with a natural finish.

  4. Back, AND Fourth

    When you’re putting your foundation on- apply downward like most of us do, and ALSO upward. You want to coat the pores fully so it imitates your skin.

Winter skin = exfoliate

Skin look like crap but don’t know what to do? SIMPLE! Mix sugar with olive oil and scrub your skin! When you’re done, use your favorite non-spf moisturizer to rehydrate your skin and you’ll have a guaranteed glow.